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Advantages of titanium nickel alloy

TiNi alloy has the ability of "memory" and has a strong memory. After a long time, it can be repeated tens of millions of times accurately. Its "memory" ability is to remember its original shape, so people call it "shape memory alloy". It turns out that this alloy has a characteristic transition temperature. Above the transition temperature, it has a kind of structure, while below the transition temperature, it has another kind of structure. Different structure, different performance. Here is Baoji nickel tube manufacturer to explain the advantages of TiNi Alloy:

For example: a TiNi shape memory alloy, when it is above the transition temperature, is very hard and strong, but below this temperature, it is very soft and easy to cold work. In this way, when we need it to remember any shape, we can make it into that shape, which is its "permanent memory" shape. Below the transition temperature, because it is very soft, we can deform it arbitrarily to a considerable extent. And when it needs to return to its original shape, just heat it above the transition temperature.

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Nickel is mainly used in electroplating industry. Nickel plated articles are beautiful, clean and not easy to rust. Very fine nickel powder is often used as catalyst in chemical industry. Nickel has magnetism and can be attracted by magnet. Alloys made of aluminum, cobalt and nickel are more magnetic. When this kind of alloy is attracted by electromagnet, it will not only be attracted by itself, but also will not fall down if it is hung 60 times heavier than it. In this way, it can be used to make electromagnetic crane. Most of the nickel salts are green. Nickel hydroxide is brown black and nickel oxide is gray black. Nickel oxide is often used to make iron nickel alkaline batteries.

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