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The temperature of titanium tube in Baoji is much higher than that of aluminum alloy

The strength of Baoji Titanium pipe is higher, and the strength of ordinary steel is similar. Even some high strength titanium alloy is stronger than alloy structural steel. What is the performance of titanium tube? Let's meet you.

The temperature of titanium tube is much higher than that of aluminum alloy, and it can maintain certain strength in medium temperature environment. Titanium alloy works in wet environment or sea water, its corrosion resistance is much better than stainless steel. It has strong corrosion resistance, which can resist alkali, chloride, chlorine organic substances, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and other corrosive substances.

Titanium tube of Baoji

But titanium also has its disadvantages, that is, the corrosion resistance of reducing oxygen and chromium salt medium is poor. The mechanical properties of titanium alloy can be maintained at low temperature and ultra low temperature.

If you want to buy titanium tube, we must identify the quality of the products, because there are too many titanium pipe manufacturers, only high-quality manufacturers can produce good quality products. There are many methods to distinguish titanium tubes, including physical and chemical methods, simple and complex.

Baoji Titanium pipe manufacturers think that aluminum alloy or stainless steel is easy to confuse with titanium, and simply oxidation corrosion. Aluminum alloy is not corrosion resistant, stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than aluminum alloy, titanium alloy is completely corrosion resistant. Secondly, the high temperature oxidation method and the heating dissolution method can be distinguished.


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