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About Us

       Baoji ruitailong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Ruitailong Titanium Industry) is located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, the world famous "China Titanium Valley". Relying on the unique resources and strong scientific research force of "Titanium City", we will contribute to the deep processing and value-added application of titanium materials.
       The company specializes in the production of titanium rods, titanium alloy rods, titanium tubes, titanium plates, titanium forgings and titanium processing parts, which are widely used in metallurgy, electronics, medical, chemical, aerospace, military and other fields. In view of the current market situation and the overall trend of titanium industry, a titanium bar spot hall is set up to reserve a large number of products and serve customers wholeheartedly.
       The company has advanced management system, mature production technology, perfect quality management system, and relies on the diversity of products, the stability of quality, in the fierce market competition in the tide, steady development.
       Baoji ruitailong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. was established on March 26, 2019. Li Jixun, the legal person of the company, was originally a soldier of Tibet Armed Police Corps who chose to work independently. Company tenet, national interests above all, adhere to the integrity of production and management, heavy management, quality and development. The demand of users is our pursuit. We hope to develop and prosper together with friends from all walks of life.


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Contact person: Manager Zhang
Mobile: 13209173299  13209173266
Tel: 0917-3291871
Email: rtl0917@163.com
Address: Ruitailong Bar Sales Hall, Baotai Road, High-tech Development Zone, Baoji City

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